Professional advisors
We work with solicitors, accountants, wealth managers and financial advisors to help their clients make the most of their giving.

As a professional advisor, you will have clients who care about and want to give something back to their community, but may not know where to start.  Berkshire Community Foundation is the ideal vehicle for people who want to put something back into the communities in which they have lived and worked.

Research shows that wealthy people and businesses want to know more about effective charitable giving. Each change in your client’s financial or family circumstances is an opportunity to talk about philanthropy. And there are many tax benefits to planned giving that your clients may wish to explore.

Tailor-made, cost-effective and time-saving solutions
We can work with you and your clients to help shape and develop a more structured approach to their charitable giving. We make it easier to give both locally and effectively by offering simple, cost-effective, and tax-efficient solutions. For example, if your client is considering establishing a charitable trust, we can offer a more convenient alternative in the form of a named fund.

From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to the couple hoping to leave a legacy, to the family who want to establish a memorial fund in honour of a loved one, we can help you find the best solution – tailor-made to ensure that the wishes of your client can be acted upon.

Why work with us?
We are the charitable referral partner of choice for professional advisors throughout the county offering accredited expert, and often free, advice.

  • Using our comprehensive knowledge, we help your clients to give in Berkshire; we help them to make the greatest impact with their money locally.
  • As accredited philanthropy advisors we are a resource to be called upon by you to help shape the future philanthropic objectives of your clients.
  • We are a safe pair of hands for legacies; we ensure that your clients’ wishes for giving to Berkshire are fulfilled, and we provide you with a single point from which to distribute monies locally.
  • Working alongside the Charity Commission, we are breathing new life into existing trusts that are finding it hard to reach local communities.
Key benefits
  • We offer a flexible, quick and easy alternative to setting up a charitable trust
  • A named fund can be set up in a one hour meeting
  • A personal donor service with dedicated fund manager
  • We award grants in the donor’s name if desired
  • We arrange publicity if desired
  • We target money to charitable groups by issue or geographic area
  • We provide a service managing existing charitable grant making trusts by recreating them as fund within the Community Foundation
Why refer clients
It’s good for your business, your clients and the community

Research shows that wealthy people want to learn more about charitable giving from professional advisors.  We can help you approach the subject of philanthropy and become better informed about the role philanthropy can play in estate planning.  It can add an important element in the service you offer to your clients.

It’s timely

Each change in your client’s financial or family circumstances is an opportunity to talk about philanthropy. By creating a charitable fund, you can help your clients avoid certain taxes.

Key opportunities for presenting charitable options:

  • Utilising disposable income
  • Financial planning or investment strategy review
  • Realisation or maturity of an investment
  • Disposing of property or shares
  • Disposing of a business
  • Inheritance tax, estate and will planning
  • Planning for and at time of retirement

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  • “Diligence is always needed, as great projects, indeed great communities, aren't formed overnight."
    Joe McKenna
    Executive Director of BCF, 1993-1998
  • “During my 13 years as Lord Lieutenant, I witnessed what a difference Berkshire Community Foundation's grants made to the lives of so many people in Berkshire.”
    Sir Philip Wroughton KCVO DL
    Honorary Life President, Berkshire Community Foundation
  • "I believe in Berkshire. We all put our own families and homes first but in doing so, we want to ensure the community in which we live is one that we can be proud of."
    Harry Henderson DL
    Vice President, Berkshire Community Foundation
  • “The continuing support for local groups would not have been possible without a myriad of corporate and individual supporters, enthusiastic trustees and staff, the dedication of whom underwrites the success of Berkshire Community."
    Brigadier Robin Draper CVO OBE
    CEO, Berkshire Community Foundation 1998-2008
  • “Since I first became a trustee in 1991, my enthusiasm for BCF has never waned, as is the case it seems for everyone else who gets to know BCF. Particularly, of course, the recipients, who not only receive a grant but also sound advice on all aspects of developing the work of their organisation."
    Jane Wates OBE
    Vice President, Berkshire Community Foundation
  • “The original plans for the Foundation were driven by the needs of those living in Berkshire and how those needs could be alleviated. History has proven that not only was the concept behind the Foundation an inspired idea, but it was a workable one. As a former trustee of BCF, I am very proud that my family was involved from the start in establishing and developing such a fundamental part of charitable operations within the county."
    Richard Benyon MP
    MP for Newbury
  • "Phi-lan-thro-py: the act of donating money, goods, time or effort to support a charitable cause...any altruistic activity which is intended to promote good, or improve the quality of human life..."
    Definition of philanthropy
  • "I recognise that those of us that are luckier in life than others have the responsibility to those that are finding life a struggle... The Foundation makes it all so simple for me - I know the process and attention to detail ensures that what little help I do give hits the spot in the most efficient manner it can."
    Harry Henderson DL
    Vice President, Berkshire Community Foundation
  • “Although child poverty is falling in the UK, there are still too many children growing up in disadvantaged circumstances, and we cannot be blind to areas of deprivation even in relatively affluent places such as Berkshire.”
    The Rt Hon. Theresa May MP
    Prime Minister
  • “Berkshire Community Foundation does a great job in our local area."
    The Rt Hon. Theresa May MP
    Prime Minister
  • “Berkshire Community Foundation provided a simple and cost efficient way of establishing a fund that could meet the Testator’s intentions."  
    Jonathan Gater
    Partner, Blandy & Blandy
  • “Most philanthropists have their own vision and a personal reason for giving. Community Foundations can help with this vision; by giving locally, you can really see what happens with your money and what a difference it makes to local communities."
    Roberta d’Eustachio
    Co-founder of Ambassadors for Philanthropy