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‘Vital for Berkshire’ aims to increase support for people across Berkshire who are struggling to cope with a range of issues preventing them from having a safe home, good health and secure employment.


What are the ‘needs’ in Berkshire?

‘Vital for Berkshire’ goes beyond the statistics to uncover areas and themes where pockets of deprivation can be found, and where local communities are struggling. A safe home, good health and secure employment are interdependent and underpin wellbeing – a key message from Berkshire’s Vital Signs 2017. Vital for Berkshire will raise awareness about and raise vital funds to support community groups helping people dealing with issues preventing them from having a safe home, good health and secure employment.

People with mental health issues are more likely than average to experience homelessness, rent or mortgage difficulties, poor quality housing, deprived neighbourhoods or crime and isolation (Vital Signs 2017)

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The fund is currently closed.

The application process
  • The next ‘Vital for Berkshire’ funding round will be open on 19 August 2019, with grants available of up to £10,000.
  • Application forms must be completed on-line and submitted along with governing documents – Constitution, latest Annual Accounts and Safeguarding Policy by 9.00 am on the morning of Wednesday 24 September 2019 in order to be considered by the Grants Panel in November 2019. The form and all requested documentation must be received by this date; if not, your application will not be considered further.
  • Berkshire Community Foundation receives many more applications than there is funding available, and there is no guarantee that any application made will be successful.
  • Applicants will be informed of the Grants Panel decisions as soon as possible after the meeting in November 2019.