Grants receiving
Receiving a grant

Congratulations on receiving a grant. Each recipient is asked to monitor and evaluate, as well as acknowledge their grant. Below you will find the relevant information and tools.

Grant monitoring and evaluation
It is important that Berkshire Community Foundation monitors the success and impact of grants awarded.

Evaluation of the grants helps us to learn more about the groups, and review the success of the projects funded.  This information helps us in reporting back and being accountable to our donors,  as well as improving our grant making

As part of the terms and conditions of funding, each grant recipient is asked to complete and return an online grant monitoring form, within 12 months of the date of the grant being awarded.

As grant evaluations are so important failure to complete and return a monitoring form is likely to impact on the potential for further funding.

How to acknowledge your grant

Under the terms and conditions of your grant, you should make a suitable public acknowledgement of your grant.  We ask that you make an acknowledgement at the site of the project, as well as in all relevant publicity material.  In addition, your organisation’s annual accounts for the year when the grant was awarded should clearly show the grant award.

Using the correct wording
The name of the Foundation is “Berkshire Community Foundation” and the following wording should be used when acknowledging your grant, either:

“Supported by the <Relevant Fund Name> via Berkshire Community Foundation”


“Supported by Berkshire Community Foundation”

We welcome acknowledgement of your grant on social media, where appropriate, and you can tag BCF using the following social media accounts:

Twitter – @berkshirecf

Facebook – @berkshirecommunityfoundation

Using our logo

Wherever possible, you should use the Berkshire Community Foundation logo, which will have been sent to you with your terms and conditions of grant and is available to download below (please email the Grants team for a jpeg copy of the logo).