Dear Brighter Berkshire

I saw Richard Benyon’s, 2016 annual summary and I saw 2017 was Berkshire year to push awareness of mental health.

Dear Brighter Berkshire

I have wanted to get involved and help others especially since my daughter/ son came out as transgender and would love to get involved in helping people and have considered writing a blog or something to make people more aware but I am not really very aware of the best way to go about this.

Dear Brighter Berkshire

I wish to be an ambassador for Brighter Berkshire as I have experienced mental health issues in the past.

Dear Brighter Berkshire

Having attended the conference in Newbury, I found myself both moved and inspired by the many voices expressing new ideas and making commitments towards developing better mental health prospects all round for everyone during 2017.

Dear Brighter Berkshire

Seeing your recent posts fills me with hope for a bigger awareness that is in desperate need for mental health conditions, so thank you so much.

West Berkshire Therapy Centre

The West Berkshire Therapy Centre, based in Thatcham, has been providing exercise and therapy to people with mobility problems since 2014. With funding from Berkshire Community Foundation, the centre can continue to help over 230 people a week to be more active, safe and independent.

Woodley Foodbank

In the last year, around 4,800 families or individuals, who didn’t know how or when they could feed themselves, were able to get
emergency food parcels from Woodley Foodbank.

Beat Routes

Beat Routes, based in Slough, gives young people a stimulating and positive environment to help them see that they can choose
a positive future. Through music and creative workshops, young people are inspired to learn and work on creative projects.

CCB Family Home Energy Education and Advice Project

This project supported 141 families with young children in fuel poverty, by advising vulnerable and low income families of ways in which they can reduce their home energy costs and be more energy efficient.

Hurst Bowling Club

Thursdays at Hurst Bowling Club, is full of noise, laughter and talking. It’s the day when the ‘Thursday Club’ gets together giving
the elderly, isolated and lonely members of Hurst a much needed opportunity to enjoy some company, conversation and of course, a game of bowls.

The Beehive Foundation

The Beehive Foundation aims to provide opportunities and experiences for children and young people facing social exclusion by providing unique and bespoke opportunities and experiences to develop self-esteem.

Adviza’s Energise Innovation Project

Adviza’s Energise Innovation Project addresses the root causes of young people becoming NEET (not in education, training or employment).

The project works with 14-15 year olds who are identified as having on average three to four risk-of-NEET indicators, including poor school attendance, disruptive or antisocial behaviour, family or mental health issues and low educational attainment.

Friends of Young Carers

A grant of £5,000 from the NHS Carers Fund, managed by BCF, has helped to fund ongoing outings and activities for Young Carers in West Berkshire.

Sebastian’s Action Trust

Sebastian’s Action Trust was awarded a grant of £5,000 from BCF’s ‘Give a Child a Chance’ fund.

Launchpad Reading

A grant of £10,000 was awarded to Launchpad Reading from Berkshire Community Foundation.