Berkshire Youth provides support to adults and young people across Berkshire. They have continued to develop new opportunities. Their mission is to support, empower and inspire young people and offer positive extra-curricular activities that helps them reach their full potential. The project is a leadership course where the young people are looking to build their key skills and earn a recognised leadership qualification.

The leadership Academy at Mary Hare received a grant of £1,790 from BCF. It made a big difference to the young people involved, as they have developed key life skills such as confidence, team working, communication and leadership initiative. In addition, it has also allowed the young people to complete a social action project. This allowed them to give back to their local community. It has challenged them, given them a sense of empowerment and sense of achievement.

The Community Navigators project recieved an £8,000 grant from BCF and has made a huge difference to the individuals who trained as community navigators and researchers. They became part of a team, learnt new skills and gained confidence. In addition, the gardening clubs for the children

Out of the eight young people who achieved a leadership accreditation last academic year, six of them came back on their own accord on a regular basis to volunteer, mentor and look after this year’s cohort. What this shows is that the funding is successfully creating committed young volunteers, who understand about making a positive difference to their local communities.

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