Food4Families is an urban community gardening project. Professional horticulturalists engage with community members to help them manage food growing spaces within their own neighbourhood. The aim of the project is to promote a better understanding of the process of food production; to promote sustainable production methods and promote healthier food consumption with a healthy lifestyle.

The Community Navigators project recieved an £8,000 grant from BCF and has made a huge difference to the individuals who trained as community navigators and researchers. They became part of a team, learnt new skills and gained confidence. In addition, the gardening clubs for the children was also beneficial. The project had a different effect on each child, although 97% of children thought gardening had a positive effect on the community, making it a nicer place to live. The gardening clubs generally meant the children were happier.

“Being involved with the Health Navigators project and Whitley Community Researchers has completely changed my life and I don’t say it lightly. Beforehand I was quiet, shy, low-esteemed person, out of work, just looking after my kids. It took quite a lot of encouragement to persuade me to take part in the research training sessions. Thanks to these training sessions I discovered my confidence, met new friends, and my new life started right there. The research work has enabled me to meet new people, get out of my shell and get out in the community.”

Health Navigator

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Food for Families June 19