Thursdays at Hurst Bowling Club, is full of noise, laughter and talking. It’s the day when the ‘Thursday Club’ gets together giving the elderly, isolated and lonely members of Hurst a much needed opportunity to enjoy some company, conversation and of course, a game of bowls.


Two years ago, Bob* joined the club. He didn’t talk to anyone and because of a stroke he’d lost the use of his arm and didn’t want to play bowls. But with the support, time and encouragement from other members he is now playing bowls. He’s also more confident and is finding living with his stroke easier.


The bowling club is a small organisation and is run by volunteers who are all retired themselves. Berkshire Community Foundation has been able to work with this incredible group to help support them with funds. It’s a partnership that works; the Thursday Club provides support to members of the community and we support them with much needed funding.

*not his real name

The need for this project is clear to us. Our service users have talked about their past, enjoyed laughter, companionship, activity and belonging to a family of friends.”

Hurst Bowling Club