Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare (JHCL) provides horticulture and biodiversity opportunities with a specific focus on welcoming persons with a disability or disadvantaged background. BCF match funded a grant of £2000 from Bracknell Forest Homes to provide mini bus transport to the Nepalese communities of Sandhurst and Bracknell.

The Nepalese communities are keen gardeners who are ex Gurkhas and their families. Living in two local towns in Berkshire they traditionally do not integrate widely in daily life and lived in West or East Nepal. They are just one of 13 groups managing their own group growing plots at JHCL.

Having funded transport for the Nepalese communities of Sandhurst and Bracknell has allowed for more integration between this community and other volunteers from across East Berkshire. Jealott’s Hill has also been able to take on volunteers from the National Citizens Service (NCS) who have furthered the integration not only between the Nepalese and other communities but also between the older and younger volunteers (pictured below).

Cultivation of the group growing plot has huge social, health and wellbeing benefits, alongside harvesting great quality and quantity of produce which is shared equally amongst the families. This project has massively increased community cohesion and engagement which is set to continue into the future with older people and young people from all backgrounds getting involved in gardening together.

‘Strongest Voices relies on local funding to continue enabling the local Nepalese communities to travel to Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare, which is integral to continue the horticultural and community integration work which has been so far achieved. The visits mean a great deal to the families, as well as their involvement and new relationships formed at the Landshare’  Stuart Heaton, Strongest Voices (Nepalese Community Group) Group Coordinator