Maidenhead & District Stroke Club aims to help stroke survivors re-establish themselves in the community by providing a social setting in which they can meet, chat, exchange experiences and provide mutual support. Besides providing refreshments, they have activities such as yoga, table top gardening, musical entertainment, quizzes and games. They also provide support for the carers and additional therapies for the stroke survivors and are a caring source of advice. BCF awarded Maidenhead & District Stroke Club £1,500 to give carers of stroke victims more time to relax.

Being a carer for a loved one who has been a stroke victim is a huge change in someone’s life and can present lots of mental health problems. This small grant has enabled six carers to have some money to do more things for themselves, such as massage therapy or healthcare for the carers to make sure that they can carry on caring to the best of their ability and prevent long term negative impact to their mental health.

When one carer and her husband first came to the Club all she could talk about was how stressed she was and how she was at her wits end dealing with her husband’s change of personality after his stroke, plus the difficulty of dealing with his physical problems. Having been able to give her the money to finance taxi journeys she has been able to get her husband to a lunch club once a week and free up some time for herself. She feels less imprisoned and is happier about life in general. Just this small amount of money has brought a huge change in their lives.

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