OPAC, which runs a club for the over 50s in the Caversham area with a particular focus on those at risk of social isolation, was set up to fill the gap left by the closure of the Albert Road Day Centre in Caversham in September 2013.


OPAC supports 52 registered members aged between 66 and 94, with most being in their late 70s and 80s. Members either live alone or, in the case of the 8 couples on roll, share a home with a partner they care for. Many have mobility and other health problems which prevent them from being able to get out and about. For some, their day at this club is the only opportunity they have to meet other.

OPAC Yoga 1
OPAC Yoga 6
OPAC received a grant of £1,600 to fund the continuation of weekly 45-minute sessions of Seated Yoga which they have been providing to members for over three years. For some members this activity is the prime attraction of attending the club as the Seated Yoga enables them to participate in exercise which would otherwise be inaccessible.


The funding enabled the group to increase in the number of over 50s attending the club. Members have reported various benefits including improved mobility, flexibility, strength and balance with fewer falls and injuries as a result of falls as well as improved morale and mental and emotional well-being.

“I used to do yoga when I was younger and loved it. At my age and with my limited mobility I can no longer get to classes, and couldn’t cope anyway with standard exercise, so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to do a gentle form of yoga every week.  I feel very lucky to be as well as I am as old as I am, and not to have suffered any falls.  I do think that the yoga I have been doing for the past two years is playing a part in keeping me mobile, fit and healthy.”   Mollie, one of OPAC’s regular attendees who is 94.