The Beehive Foundation aims to provide opportunities and experiences for children and young people facing social exclusion by providing unique and bespoke opportunities and experiences to develop self-esteem.

The group runs a two hour session weekly on Wednesdays in Chalvey Community Centre in Slough. Around thirty children aged 5-12 attend the club, with on average 70% being from the Roma Gypsy community.

A grant of £4,410 has enabled the group to run 48 sessions reaching over 105 children from a very deprived area in Slough. During these sessions, the group delivered bite size social skills sessions on promoting positive behaviour, community cohesion, health, and wellbeing, and support with applications for school places. The Club also provides knowledge and support to aid social acceptance, nutrition and education, exposure to hobbies/interests – all helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and offending in the local community.

As a result of this funding, the children are more interested in their own health and well-being. They are more able to look at how their own behaviour and attitude to their health will affect them as adults. In addition, the beneficiaries were able to enjoy two activity days at Longridge Activity Centre where they took park in water zorbing and laser tag.

Furthermore, The Beehive Foundation employed a young gentleman from the Roma Community. Following his six month employment he went on to a full time job, the group feels that this opportunity did not only build bridges with this hard to reach community, but also gave him the skills and self-esteem to move on to better himself and seek out a positive future economic wellbeing.

This funding has made a massive impact on this community. The future of The Chalvey Project is reliant on funding such as that provided by your exceptional organisation.”

The Beehive Foundation