Case Study: Slough Job Creation Hub

Supporting people in making a career change

A £20,000 grant awarded
40 participants in the employability scheme
50 training sessions and 200 mentoring sessions
72.5% went on to find employment or started a new business

In 2020, BCF awarded £20,000 to Slough Job Creation Hub through funds provided by corporate partner SEGRO, allowing it to kick off a Career Transition Programme to help people in Slough whose employment had been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

The Slough Job Creation Hub is a not-for-profit social enterprise which aims to help people into employment and support them at every stage in their careers.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a sharp decline in many industries such as hospitality, entertainment and travel. Workers in these industries found themselves confused or unemployed overnight, often without a viable future career path.

The Career Transition Programme works to empower and support anyone affected by a decline in their industry. By enhancing their existing skills or helping them to gain new skills, it aims to ensure they can thrive in a new industry of their choice.

Participants in the programme received career counselling and mentorship, training and development opportunities, as well as opportunities to volunteer or intern to gain new job experience.

Twelve volunteers from Reckitt, as well as volunteers from other organisations, generously contributed their time and expertise to coach participants, helping them gain confidence and life skills to help them excel in their new career choices.


Story of support

Stuart joined the Career Transition Programme in April 2021. Like many people in the UK, he was made redundant during the pandemic. Having worked in the printing industry all his life, he was lost and confused about how he could find a new career path.

Stuart was assigned to a mentor who helped him discover a way forward. Together they decided that based on his interest, aptitude and available opportunities, a new career as a security professional would be most suitable for him.

Stuart attended training and workshops that helped him gain the confidence and skills he needed to transition into this new career. Within six weeks he had passed his security exams at the top of the class and managed to secure his first job in security at the prestigious Henley Regatta.

Stuart has been so impressed with his experience that he has since signed up his daughter for the same training.

In its 2020-2021 financial year, Berkshire Community Foundation made £3.2 million in grants funding to 230 charities and groups across the county, helping to make a difference to 1.5 million people in Berkshire.

These were made as part of the Vital for Berkshire – Coronavirus Fund – aiming to help charities and community groups address the urgent issues and needs arising from the first lockdown.

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