We work with solicitors, accountants, wealth managers and financial advisors to help their clients make the most of their giving. They are so often the link between their client’s ambitions to make a difference in their local community, and the reality of how this can be achieved.


We have over 30 years’ experience as philanthropy advisors and establishing charitable giving through BCF means you can refer the charitable giving to a specialist without recommending specific causes or charities to clients, thereby avoiding impartiality. 

PLEASE remember that as a registered charity any gifts to us are eligible for all available tax benefits:

Gift Aid and associated Higher Rate Tax Relief – this both enhances the gift to the charity and saves the client additional tax.

Inheritance Tax mitigation – 10% of estate donated reduces IHT from 40% to 36%

Offsetting capital gains liabilities.

Working in Partnership – Philanthropy Advice Service

We can work with you and your clients to help shape and develop a structured approach to their charitable giving.

We make it easier to give both locally and effectively by offering simple, cost-effective, and tax-efficient solutions.

Our knowledge and expertise help you and your clients to make the greatest impact with their money.

We can support your client conversations or be an arm’s length partner.

Why work with us?

We are the charitable referral partner of choice for professional advisors throughout the county offering accredited expert, and often free, advice.

Using our comprehensive knowledge, BCF uniquely positioned to be able to help local people and businesses to manage their charitable giving and make a real difference to local people’s lives. 

BCF manages funds on behalf of HNWI, Local businesses, Family Trusts & Legacies

We work hard to ensure that supporters see for themselves the impact of their giving.

As a registered charity any gifts to us are eligible for all available tax benefits which include Gift Aid and associated Higher Rate Tax Relief, Inheritance Tax mitigation and offsetting capital gains liabilities.

Why refer clients

It’s good for your business, your clients and the community.

Research shows that 66% of wealthy individuals think their Professional Advisors could and should be giving them philanthropic advice.

To find out more about how we can help you advise your clients on their charitable giving, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Jon Yates on 01189 450251 or via email.

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