Who Can Apply 

To be eligible to apply for a grant, your charity, community group or voluntary organisation must be improving the lives of disadvantaged people in Berkshire and fit the following criteria:

  1.  Be a not-for-profit, voluntary or community group, social enterprise/CIC or registered charity
  2.  Have a Governing Document (Constitution/Set of Rules)
  3. Have a Management Committee/Board of Trustees
  4. Have a bank account in the name of the group, with a minimum of two unrelated cheque signatories
  5. Be able to provide up-to-date accounts
  6. Have returned evaluation forms for any previously received grants
  7. Have safeguarding and equality policies which comply with current legislation
  8. Be helping the disadvantaged and provide a benefit to the community with clear and achievable outcomes
  9. Provide evidence there is a need for your work and must not be duplicating the work of other groups and organisations
  10. Have an itemised budget 

Please note: our average grant size is £5,000. If you require substantially more funding, please refer to the Funding South East Advice.

Your group isn’t eligible to apply if:

  • It’s a regional or national charity – unless it has a local branch in Berkshire
  • You have significant unrestricted funds 
  • You are applying for a capital project – this includes the purchase of vehicles or property
  • Funds are for promoting religious or political issues
  • Your activities are aimed at people outside Berkshire
  • The money is required retrospectively
  • You plan to use the grant for medical research
  • You are applying for sponsorship
  • You are looking for a grant for an individual over the age of 18 (or aged up to 25 with learning or physical disability)
  • Funding is for the conservation of plants or animal welfare
  • Funding is for overseas travel
  • Funding is for one-off events (unless the outcomes are clear and achievable and the event addresses a key issue picked up in our Vital Signs research)

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