Grants Overview
Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) manages a number of named funds, and awards grants to support community groups and projects benefiting people living in Berkshire.

Grants awarded support a variety of community groups across Berkshire working to support a wide range of causes: tackling disadvantage, supporting victims of crime, poverty, homelessness, health and wellbeing, isolation and loneliness, education and skills and strengthening the community in general.

How to apply for a grant
If you are interested in applying for funding:

    • First check that your organisation and project proposal meet the eligibility criteria under ‘Who is eligible to apply for a grant?’.
    • Look at information about ‘Funding streams’ to check whether your project meets the criteria for any of the funds listed.
    • If you know which fund you are eligible for and would like to apply for, please refer to the instructions on the relevant fund page.
    • If you would like further assistance in determining eligibility and/or an appropriate funding stream, please complete and submit the on-line Expression of Interest formOn receiving the form, the Programmes Team will consider your request for funding against the funding streams available. If there is potential for funding, you will be sent a link to our on-line application form.

We use an on-line grants process to enable you to access grants from a range of funders.

Who is eligible for a grant?
A community group or charity working in Berkshire, clearly demonstrating that the project will make a measurable difference to Berkshire residents who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

In order to be eligible to apply for funding, your group needs to:

  • Be a not-for profit, voluntary or community group, social enterprise/CIC or registered charity
  • Have a Governing Document (Constitution/Set of Rules)
  • Have a Management Committee/Board of Trustees
  • Have a bank account in the name of the group, with a minimum of two unrelated cheque signatories
  • Provide up-to-date accounts
  • Have returned evaluation forms for any grants previously received
  • Have safeguarding and equality policies which comply with current legislation/best practice (for further information, see the useful links section below)
We do not fund:
  • Organisations that are regional or national charities (unless locally led and run, with a separate management committee, bank account and governing documents)
  • Organisations that have substantial unrestricted funds
  • Statutory work (in educational institutions or replacing statutory funding)
  • Building improvements/projects
  • Promotion of religious or political causes
  • Projects benefiting those outside the county
  • Retrospective funding
  • Medical research or equipment
  • Sponsorship
  • Individuals over the age of 18 (except those up to 25 for those with learning/physical disabilities)
  • Organisations primarily concerned with conservation of plants or animal welfare
  • Overseas travel/expeditions
  • One-off events, unless the outcomes are clear and achievable and the evidence of need is clearly evidenced in line with our Vital Signs Report
Hints and Tips about applying for funding
The grants panel is more likely to consider applications favourably where:

  • The project addresses disadvantage and provides a benefit to the community
  • There is evidence of the disadvantage and need for the project (check BCF’s ‘Vital Signs’ report. Local needs identified by this research are used to set priorities for BCF funds)
  • The outcomes of the project are clear and achievable
  • The budget is well thought through and itemised
  • Other funding has been secured
  • The group is working with other organisations and stakeholders
  • There is no duplication of the work

You will need to provide documentation to support your application including:

  • A copy of your Governing Document (Constitution/Set of Rules)
  • Latest financial accounts and bank statement
  • A copy of your safeguarding policy if you are working with children and/or vulnerable adults

Please note:  BCF would like to be able to fund all funding applications. However, we receive requests for grants that far exceed the funds available and there is no guarantee of grant-aid being forthcoming. Even if your application meets the funding criteria, we are not always able to support it.

Our average grant size for 2018/19 was £4,566.

If you are advised that your application has been unsuccessful BCF will, where appropriate, give you some feedback but cannot enter a lengthy correspondence on this.

Whatever the outcome of your application, we wish you every success in your ongoing fundraising.

Funding Streams

SEGRO Community Fund

The aim of the Fund is to tackle barriers to work and education and help local people into employment – in Slough, Reading or Bracknell.

Grants are available of up to £5,000.

Fund open for applications: 13 May 2019.
Closing date: 30 June 2019.
To be presented to Panel:  end of August 2019.

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Give a Child a Chance

Grants are made to individual children and groups which work with children with disabilities and/or facing disadvantage.

Applications are considered throughout the year.

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Unsure of appropriate funding stream?

There may be other funding opportunities as BCF works with a range of Donors – so please do complete an Expression of Interest form – these are welcome at any time.

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BCF Funds for the Elderly

Grants awarded will aim to improve health and well-being, improve access to facilities, advice and training, and to overcome problems such as illness, injury, disability, bereavement or financial difficulty.

Grants are available of up to £5,000.

Fund open for applications: 19 August 2019.
Closing date: 25 September 2019.
To be presented to Panel: November 2019.

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Vital for Berkshire Fund

This fund supports people across Berkshire who are struggling to cope with a range of issues preventing them from having a safe home, good health and secure employment.

Grants available up to £10,000.

Fund open for applications: 19 August 2019.
Closing date: 25 September 2019.
To be presented to Panel: November 2019.

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Disadvantage in Slough Fund

BCF manages a fund which aims to support community groups addressing issues of disadvantage impacting on residents of all ages living within Slough.

Grants available up to £7,000.

Fund open for applications: 19 August 2019.
Closing date: 25 September 2019.
To be presented to Panel: November 2019.

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Funding information is updated on the website as it becomes available and also circulated by social media.

Useful Links
In looking for sources of funding, it may also be useful to: