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2017 Year of mental Health Fund
Berkshire Community Foundation invites local community groups to apply for funding for projects addressing the effects of mental health issues within Berkshire.

The 2017 Year of Mental Health is a community led and organised initiative which aims to help reduce stigma about mental health and raise vital funds to improve local opportunities. Berkshire Community Foundation has partnered with Brighter Berkshire to raise £200,000 to fund local projects / voluntary organisations supporting those with mental health issues.


The 2017 Year of Mental Health funding round will be open to applications from 22 September to 30 October 2017, for minor projects (up to £10,000) and major projects (up to £20,000).  The two stage process will lead to a shortlist of six projects being selected, to present at a ‘Pitch to the Panel’ event in March 2018.


In the first instance, applicants are being asked to submit an online Expression of Interest form along with their organisation’s latest Accounts, Constitution and Policies by 30 October 2017. Expressions of Interest will be considered by a BCF Panel, with those organisations/projects which meet with the criteria most strongly being invited to fill in an online application form to be completed by 1 December 2017.


Shortlisted groups will be notified in January 2018 about presenting their project to a BCF panel on 7 March 2018.  Applications not shortlisted for the ‘Pitch to the Panel’ event may be considered under alternative funding streams.

The 2017 Year of Mental Health funding is for local community groups working to address the effects of mental health issues across Berkshire and applicants need to demonstrate how they would address these in their proposals.

Priority will be given to:

  • Organisations/projects supporting vulnerable people of any age
  • Organisations/projects with innovative approaches, responding to a defined need
  • Organisations/projects which have clearly identified the objectives for the project to address the need
  • Organisations which can demonstrate ability to manage a substantial grant, particularly for larger awards.
We do not fund:

  • medical research or equipment
  • sponsorship
  • individuals
  • organisations primarily concerned with conservation of plants or animal welfare
  • building improvements/projects or capital appeals (unless flood damaged)
  • overseas travel/expeditions
  • promotion of religious or political causes
  • statutory work (in educational institutions or replacing statutory funding)
  • capital funding
  • projects benefiting those outside the county
  • retrospective funding
  • organisations that are regional or national charities
  • organisations that have substantial unrestricted funds.
  • All Expression of Interests and Application Forms must be submitted online along with the requested documents (Constitution, Accounts, and appropriate Policies e.g. safeguarding)
  • Projects must be for charitable purposes
  • If successful, feedback on a grant awarded will need to be returned to the Foundation.

Please note:  With limited resources, there is no guarantee of funding being forthcoming in every case.  The decisions of the BCF Panel are final. 

22 September 2017 – Groups invited to complete online Expression of Interest form and provide Accounts, Constitution, and appropriate Policies.

30 October 2017 – Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest form

Week commencing 13 November 2017 – Selected groups asked to complete an online Application form

1 December 2017 – Deadline for submission of completed Application form

Week commencing 15 January 2018 – Successful groups notified regarding presenting their project to the ‘Pitch to the Panel’ Event

21 February 2018 – Deadline to submit electronic version of ‘Pitch to the Panel’ presentation to BCF

7 March 2018 – ‘Pitch to the Panel’ event

Shortlisted applicants will be notified in the week commencing 15 January 2018 and will be offered the services of a mentor to help with preparation for their presentation.

Applicants will be asked to deliver a short presentation following which there will be a brief question and answer session, before the Panel announces the grants to be awarded.



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Description of the project including how the project addresses mental health issues (required)

Set out three main objectives for the project including specific targets (e.g. number of users in a week, visits made etc.) (required)

The need for the project with evidence to back this up (required)

Description of the beneficiaries (the number, how they will be identified) (required)

Please provide a breakdown of costs (required)

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Please note that we are unable to accept Excel files via this form, if you need to send the requested documents in this format then please email them directly to the Grants Team using

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By submitting this form I agree I have read and understood the information relating to the 2017 Year of mental Health Fund, set out on this page.