Individual Giving

Your personal philanthropy could transform lives.

Berkshire is an affluent county, but has its fair share of major issues such as unemployment, inequality, poverty, homelessness and other social hardship.

Thankfully, it is also home to a vibrant and caring community, with local charities and groups all doing incredible things to help people at different points in their lives.

With over 6,000 charities, community and voluntary groups operating in the County, it can be difficult to decide where or whom to give to. We can help with that.

**All the below options are tax-efficient ways of giving.

Named Fund

Many donors choose to create a distinct fund to maximise their impact. By setting up a fund in a name of your choosing, you can focus your giving on specific causes that you care about. It is a cost-effective alternative to setting up your own charitable trust or foundation.

This is a tax-efficient way of ensuring that you can witness first-hand the impact of your financial gift. It can be created in two main ways (or a mixture of the two), both of which attract corporation tax relief:

Immediate Impact Fund
Beginning from £10,000 - Making immediate grants that respond quickly to current needs in the community over the short term.
Endowment Fund
Beginnning from £25,000 - Creating an endowment whose principal moneys are invested for annual earnings, which are then distributed to causes of your choice. This results in an enduring contribution and commitment to the local community over time.

Themed Funds

This is a wonderful way of ensuring that your giving, large or small, flexibly supports the most pressing needs in any given time. You can be sure that the Berkshire Community Foundation works hard to ensure your generosity is used to maximise positive impact, every time.

Surviving Winter

Helping older and vulnerable people get through the difficult winter months by providing support to manage high fuel and heating bills.

Christmas Campaign 2021

Donate to help nine charities in Berkshire bring Christmas cheer to people and families living with disadvantage or hardship.

Give A Child A Chance (GACAC)

A fund that raises money to support children in Berkshire who are living with disadvantage, such as poverty or disability.

Together for Women

Focused on supporting local women and girls in need, or who suffer from major and hidden crimes such as abuse or modern slavery.

A gift in your will

Legacy gifts are a way to be remembered, and to help your community for generations to come. We can help you through the delicate process of deciding how best to make a future difference to the things you care about.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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