Berkshire’s Charitable Hub – connecting people who care with causes that matter

Are you passionate about helping the most vulnerable people in Berkshire?

Do you want our local community to be a strong and generous place where nobody, regardless of their personal circumstances, experiences deprivation and disadvantage?

Together we can change lives in Berkshire.

Who we are and what we do

We are Berkshire Community Foundation and we encouraging individuals, businesses and local organisations to ‘think local’ AND ‘give local’.

We work with individuals to achieve their philanthropic objectives.

We work with businesses to achieve their aims for community engagement, what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility, which has significant business benefits.

We target this generosity by supporting local Charities and Community groups with funding and other support to help them in their work, supporting the most disadvantaged in our community.

Who we help

We specialise in supporting community-based organisations focused on helping disadvantaged Berkshire. The money donated by generous local people and businesses stays local, helping:

The elderly, to stay active and warm and well in their homes

People with long-term or terminal illnesses, and their carers

People with physical and/or mental disabilities

Children and young people

Minority ethnic communities

People not in work, education or training

Homeless people and those at risk

Addiction sufferers and their families

We target support to ensure it goes to the people and places that need it most.

The benefits to our donors

Giving responsibly at whatever level needs care and attention. We take care of the due-diligence for all our donors so that gifts make the maximum impact for the people they help. We also make giving as quick, easy and tax efficient as possible. We monitor the resources we distribute to ensure they have achieved maximum effect in combatting disadvantage across the county.

Help the community you love

By thinking and giving local, together we can change lives in Berkshire.

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