Corporate Giving

Work with us to maximise your organisation's impact.

Right now, local charities and volunteer groups are struggling to balance a major funding shortfall with soaring demand for support. This is where local businesses and organisations can truly make a difference.

More and more Berkshire-based companies are partnering with us to achieve their social sustainability and corporate giving objectives. With over 35 years’ experience in strategic giving, we are the ideal CSR partner for any organisation.

The benefits of partnering with us

Unparalleled knowledge
We have deep insight into local needs and the charities addressing these needs.
Strong community relationships
Over the past 35 years, we have cultivated strong ties with local authorities, foundations, community leaders and volunteer groups.
Matchmaking ability
The ability to swiftly match you to organisations and causes that are aligned with your interests.
Due diligence
A well-established due diligence and accountability process, saving you time and money and ensuring that all beneficiary groups are well governed.
Strategic delivery
Expertise and experience in helping you deliver your CSR strategy and meet your giving and volunteering targets.
Research and reporting
Communications assets such as research and impact reports that help provide transparency about your CSR work and impact with customers and stakeholders.
"With unparalleled access to small, local charities and community groups, Berkshire Community Foundation are an invaluable partner for our 'Ascot Racecourse Supports' community outreach programme."
Jacqui Greet
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Ascot Racecourse

Some organisations we work with

Bespoke Fund

Setting up a named, ring-fenced fund allows you to focus on causes and themes that are important to your organisation. For example, you can restrict your gifts geographically, or to particular beneficiary groups. Berkshire Community Foundation will then promote and seek out charities and projects that meet your criteria.

This is a tax-efficient way of ensuring that you can witness first-hand the impact of your financial gift. It can be created in two main ways (or a mixture of the two), both of which attract corporation tax relief:

Immediate Impact Fund
Beginning from £10,000 - Making immediate grants that respond quickly to current needs in the community over the short term.
Endowment Fund
Beginnning from £25,000 - Creating an endowment whose principal moneys are invested for annual earnings, which are then distributed to causes of your choice. This results in an enduring contribution and commitment to the local community over time.

Business Philanthropy Club

Our Business Philanthropy Club (BPC) is a network of like-minded local businesses and organisations, pooling resources to give effective, targeted funding to grassroots groups and projects in Berkshire’s communities.

In addition to receiving support from us on your giving and staff volunteering activities, members of the BPC also gain the opportunity to network and collaborate with other local business leaders.

Themed Funds

You may choose to join with other like-minded donors to support one of our themed funds, identified through our Vital Signs research as being crucial for Berkshire. Every penny counts towards supporting these important causes and the donations will attract corporation tax relief.

Surviving Winter

Helping older and vulnerable people get through the difficult winter months by providing support to manage high fuel and heating bills.

Christmas Campaign 2021

Donate to help nine charities in Berkshire bring Christmas cheer to people and families living with disadvantage or hardship.

Give A Child A Chance (GACAC)

A fund that raises money to support children in Berkshire who are living with disadvantage, such as poverty or disability.

Together for Women

Focused on supporting local women and girls in need, or who suffer from major and hidden crimes such as abuse or modern slavery.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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